Gibbon Launched Today

Today is the big day. We are opening up Gibbon for everyone.

For 4 years we ran a web & app agency called Bread & Pepper. We’ve built many websites and applications for all kind of clients. We were proud because of clients like Mazda, Volkskrant and worked for cool startups like doo and MyTaxi. But we were always building someone else’s dream. Not our own. In January 2013 we decided to change this.

None of us had a formal education in design or programming, but still we were able to reach a high level of expertise. In our early days we learned from the web, often articles and video’s that got recommended to us by our peers or heroes. After a few years of running Bread & Pepper we started to notice that aspiring programmers and designers started to ask us where they should start when they wanted to learn about design and programming.

That’s when we came up with the idea to build a platform to facilitate this. A platform where everybody can learn from each other by sharing what is available on the web. Quickly we noticed that building our own product was much more fulfilling. We made the tough decision to quit all client work and fully focus on Gibbon. Although a scary one, our best decision yet.

This year we graduated from the Rockstart Accelerator 2013 class, we visited our heroes in New York and San Francisco and coded like hell but now finally we launched Gibbon and it’s only the beginning. With funding from early stage company Vitulum Ventures we are ready to GO !

We want to thank everyone who helped us along the way, and especially our early beta users. All your feedback helped us to shape and improve Gibbon. Please keep it coming!

Happy Learning!

ps. We are hosting a little get together to celebrate our launch on the 19th at our office, check the Facebook event.

team gibbon